Providing prestigious certificates to be fully equipped.

Self Employment

Some students prefer to start and operate their own beauty salons. After completing a short or weekend course Elizabeth Beauty School they are fully equipped with the necessary skills and practical experience to do so.

Adding to Your Skills

If you are already working in the beauty industry and would like to learn extra skills, Elizabeth Beauty School offers short and weekend courses to obtain the necessary skills to increase your proficiency in a specific field.

Other Opportunities

When it comes to employment it is possible to look further than conventional beauty salons. There are a number of other opportunities for beauty therapists - for example in photography studios and the bridal industry. Cosmetic companies employ beauty therapists as representatives.

Beauty Therapists

Students completing short and weekend courses from Elizabeth Beauty School are very successful in securing work positions in the health and skin care field. They are offered beauty therapist positions in beauty salons or health spas locally and throughout the country.